TROPIDA's ribs are clasified for B & C CE class, according EU directives. BYREAU VERITAS certify TROPIDA is under ISO 9001/2015 . The designs of our ribs are patended by the ORGANIZATION OF INDUSTRIAL PROPERTY and are protected by the laws of Intellectual property.


Beginning as editor in 1993-2000 on well-known riff-like nautical literature, POWERBOAT & RIB magazines, THALASSA, FOUSKOTO, he had the opportunity to test and evaluate most of the inflatable boats and engines of Greek and international market

From 2000 onwards, using this experience, his knowledge of engineering and safe sailing technology, and his love for the sea and the boats, he designed and built, in collaboration with well-known companies in England, some of the well-known ribs both in the Greek and the international market.

At the same time, as a driver of offshore racing, he had won three national championships in the categories of 140, 150 and over 300 HP tourism.

In 2014 he decided to create a Greek company, TROPIDA, wanting to offer fast, sailing, sports and especially boats with emphasis on usability in design and quality of construction.

They are addressed to individuals who want comfortable and easy to use, fast, financially and especially recreational boats as well as to professionals for rent or as a tender on large yachts.

With collaborations with well-known foreign firms, both in materials and accessories, and with insistence and dedication to the safety and detail of the construction, our craft responds perfectly to increased demands and high standards as well as to the difficult conditions of Greek seas and mainly in the Aegean.

Our new boats have incorporated new groundbreaking design ideas for the comfort and aesthetics of the yacht, automations found in large and luxurious yachts, materials resistant to weather and harsh conditions of the sea, and solutions to cruise problems in difficult weather conditions (such as the antidive on the bow).

With the trust, support and collaboration of internationally renowned designers such as Adam Younger & Gregory Dan, TROPIDA offers the market fresh, innovative ideas for both hull and deck design that will revolutionize the construction of inflatable boats in the future.

The new generation of inflatables is here.

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