GENESIS31 Sea trial from

Genesis 31 - 2.6L V6 Verados

E-ribbing magasin tested the open edtion of GENESIS 31 at the sea , with 2 MERCURY 300 HP L6 outboards .

The new GENESIS 31 Rib by Trοpida-Ribs is a highly flexible inflatable boat, capable of developing impressively high speeds even not at the best of weather conditions.

It is worth noting that the shipyard is increasingly improving the quality of its products using the best accessories on the market such as recessed cleats and fuel caps of aircraft type, the pop-up light that is adjustable with a dimmer and also plays the role of a lamp in the living area as well as recessed led navigation lights on deck.

A few days ago we tried it again with its hard top version, having on its transom the new 300 hp eight-cylinder engines of Mercury. The corresponding detailed presentation can be seen here: Genesis 31 – Twin 300hp 4.6L V8 Verados, so you can make your own comparisons.

In our present test, Genesis 31 was equipped with two of previous generation 300hp Verado engines which with a rpm range of 5800 – 6400 and a gear ratio of 1.75: 1 were turning three-blades and 23-inch of pitch Mirage stainless steel propellers.

With a crew of 3 and 200 liters of fuel, the Rib got on plane in 6.5 seconds, was standing on plane at 2400 rpm with 14 knots, while accelerating to 40 knots in 8.5 seconds.

Genesis 31 - 2.6L V6 Verados

At 3000 rpm we were traveling with 25 knots consuming 2 liters for each nautical mile, while at 3500 rpm we ran at 32 knots burning 1.8 liters per mile. This was also the most economical cruising speed we recorded, which gives us a range of 111 nautical miles per 200 liters of fuel.

At 4000 rpm, our speed was 41 knots with a fuel consumption of 2 liters per mile, which remained constant at 4500 rpm recording 46 knots of speed.
At full throttle, the engines reached its maximum rpm and Genesis 31 at 67.5 knots of top speed.
A very high top speed that reminds us of racing performance.

The detailed measurements can be seen in the following table:Perfomance data by e-Ribbing 

Genesis 31 - 2.6L V6 Verados

The slip values we recorded were very good especially after 4000 rpm, showing that when the load on the engines is reduced, the Mirage propellers are starting to perform better.

At WOT, the slip is just 2.5%, which in combination with the fact that the engines reach their maximum speed limit demonstrates an excellent set-up that does not need more experimentation to optimize….keep Ribbing!

Genesis 31 - 2.6L V6 Verados
  • Overall length: 9.50 m
  • Beam: 2.85 m
  • Dry weight: 1450 kg
  • Tubes diameter: 46/35 cm
  • Transom Deadrise: 23o
  • Fuel capacity: 400 lt
  • Max power: 2 x 300

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