Δίνουμε την δυνατότητα χρηματοδότησης μέσω Πειραιώς για αγορά του σκάφους σας…


TROPIDA's ribs are clasified for B & C CE class, according EU directives. BYREAU VERITAS certify TROPIDA is under ISO 9001/2015 . The designs of our ribs are patended by the ORGANIZATION OF INDUSTRIAL PROPERTY and are protected by the laws of Intellectual property.



Tthe vision of creating one of a kind r.i.b,the knowledge of naval architecture  and the experience from the 4 times championship of  open sea races  in Greece, made TAKIS SAMARTZIS to decide  creating  a new  company . TROPIDA. The word “tropida” is coming from his Greek ancient legacy, meaning the keel of a boat.

Working together again with Adam Younger, famous hull designer, improved  the convex type, the two vented steps and double chine effect hull, added the hardnose at the bow, the build-in tubes at the stern, the  innovative and unique TWIN BOW STEPS and ANTIDIVE SYSTEM at the bow .

The excellent design, granted by the trophy of IRON A’ DESIGN AWARD AND COMPETITION  2019 for YACHT & VESSEL DESIGN from the INTERNATIONAL DESIGN ACADEMY in COMO, ITALY for the exceptional COSMIC39 rib.

TROPIDA’s philosophy is to create extra ordinary r.i. boats combining sport and unique design with comfort, handmade strong built with luxury and easy and friendly use with top performances



With highly studied hydrodynamics, the hulls manage to have very little resistance thanks to their ventilated steps, and their special shape with convex areas that give them very high performance (over 70 knots) and with excellent economy, while at the same time they can move very comfortable at low speeds when the weather demands it.

At “E-ribbing.com”  e-magazin for boats , you can find the results of the tests from  SAITA & GENESIS 31 following or downloading the following links






The company creates models  from its own original designs. Manufactures and implements their plugs and molds. The construction of the object requires a lot of research. Epoxy and vinyl ester resins,gel coats that withstand the harsh conditions of the sea,carbon fibers,  extend the life of the boat.

Adopting the deep V in the bow,the technology of ventilated steps, the double chine and convex sections, the hulls of TROPIDA manage to be extremely soft in choppy seas, stable, always sailing in line and keeping the deck and passengers dry under all the conditions.

The BOW STEPS and ANTIDIVE SYSTEM on the bow, a unique innovation of TROPIDA’s boats, provide safety for the passengers on board , as they prevent the bow “nailing”into the sea,and keep the deck dry all the time.

We do not use wood or plank wood  (even on transom or on stringers) resulting in greater durability, less weight on the boat and more safety. The fuel tank is made entirely of vinyl ester, so we do not risk oxidation 

In collaboration with K4 + and ADAM YOUNGER, TROPIDA develops the hulls with innovative elements in cruising safety, economy, performance and comfort and a new MEGARIB is already being prepared that will incorporate all this know-how.

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